The fact that I pray for Paris does not mean that lost souls in other parts of the world have less value, I simply pray for Paris, a place I can relate to and go to without feeling unsafe. I cannot relate to Baghdad as a place, and would never visit because it’s not safe. It’s unfair that ppl are living in such conditions, unfair, but so are a lot of things…so right now I pray that We can safely continue to visit European cities as before.  It was not only an attack against the people but against our values concerning freedom and our way of enjoying life.

Role model and / or hero

This morning we spoke about growing up with a role model in your life, someone you either looked up to and/or wanted to be like when you grow up, or someone you simply felt extra good being around, maybe because they had a very special kind of personality.

It’s just interesting to think about because I grew up in a small Swedish town where no one really stood out or had, sorry to say, much of a personality. I also had a very safe and happy childhood where I never felt the need to find strength in someone else. My family was always there for me, but at the same time, they were, in my eyes, “just” parents. Not role models. There’s a difference.

Who is a role model, really? Or a hero?

Is it someone who guides you towards becoming who you dream of being? Or is it someone who you look up to because of who they are?



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I can’t really describe this mood in words..but it makes me think of Mexico, New York, artsy people, strong scents and a million other creative things.

I had another driving lesson today, it’s going forward slowly but surely (after a few weeks break) and in one part of the island, where I always pass during my lessons, it’s so incredibly beautiful and because the sun was shining, the sea resembled a glittering diamond – very Mediterranean, but somehow my inspiration leaned more towards some Latin place..anyway, time to get ready for work and later I hope to enjoy a relaxing evening with the little one x

Btw, how do you explain inspiration? Mood boards?

Joules wellies on a rainy day

I think once you own a pair of these wellies, a rainy day won’t suck as much….

Today is one of those days, I can hear the rain and thunder as I open my eyes. Typical Sunday morning. I’m enjoying it though, not having to wake up early, and for once – no plans. Yesterday we took Aiden to his cousin in Ghargur and they went for an hour of trick or treat. We never did that as kids, Halloween wasn’t such a big thing, if even a thing, in Sweden back then. Now maybe yes, and here in Malta it’s become a very big deal over the past few years. The kids enjoy it and it looks kind of cosy when people decorate their houses and it surely lights up the dark. What I remember though from my childhood, is lighting candles at the graves of some relatives…The eve of All Saints we call it, it’s the same thing as Halloween in the sense of its original purpose, but we never did the whole pumpkin-dress up-trick or treat thing. So anyway, I’m going to continue my rainy Sunday with some reading and studying. Possibly some baking as well xx

Tom Joules wellies

joules wellies. Rainy days don't have to suck.:


House of DVF s.2

I’m obsessed with this show and in just a couple of days the winner of season 2 will be crowned. I’m nervous. Why? I mean why am I nervous about something like that? It doesn’t affect me in one single way, but I believe I simply want the right thing to happen. For the sake of the world 😉

I feel like, if Cat wins, my gut feeling is completely thrown off. Can I be so wrong? Yes seriously, if Cat wins, I need to find a way to restore my faith in trusting another persons choice.



Diane von Furstenberg and the cast of House of DVF Season 2 inside the DVF Studio. Learn more: http://on.dvf.com/1FfVrtA #HouseofDVF:

Update; Ooh I’m happy now!! As long as I’m right..you know 😉

Congrats BarbieBeth!

xmas luxuries

Inspiration boost! Can’t believe they’ve already started filling the shops with Christmas deco and food!? I walked in to Zara Home today and honestly thought someone was baking ginger bread cookies! Nice, but a little early. Anyway, since I always realise things too late, like when all gift wrapping’s been sold out for weeks (!), I thought I’d put together a mood board to inspire anyone who needs a bit of an idea-boost!

Actually, these would be things I’d buy for myself 😉 I’ll get back to you on the gift-idea boards…..

Happy early Christmas!

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NEW – Givenchy Teint Couture Balm

This is a complete game-changer in my opinion. This is not a BB cream, nor a foundation. It’s that perfect in-between solution for a flawless face, without the ‘sheerness’ of a BB and without the dryness of a foundation. (Of course a BB is mainly a moisturiser with tint, and this balm requires a moisturiser before being applied, so therefore you’ll find it in the make-up section)

This balm and its texture allows you to really work your way to a perfect layer, it hydrates, covers well and gives you a very long lasting glow. I love this product, for my dehydrated skin, with a bit of uneven parts, this is the best I’ve tried so far. I think the main difference is the texture, I always have a problem with foundations making their way in to fine lines and tend to look good the first few hours, but then somehow dry out my skin – this product feels good throughout the day, it looks good and is very easy to apply.


Givenchy Teint Couture Balm and Concealers

“Nothing is more beautiful than naturally smooth and even skin that radiates with a fresh glow. Givenchy makes the effect possible with its first balm for the skin. Its unique formula reveals, magnifies and preserves the skin’s natural beauty.


Its soft, creamy and delicate melt-in texture intuitively glides on to fuse with the curves of the face. This lightweight balm contains no greasy oil, but instead an exclusive selection of volatile components that vanish on application, leaving an imperceptible veil for a second skin effect.
The complexion is smoothed and perfectly even for up to 12 hours*.


The “Light & Blur” complex is used to visibly erase all imperfections and fine lines, giving the skin pure and natural radiance.
The complexion is lightly corrected, without a masky feeling.
Givenchy laboratories have developed an original synergy of skincare ingredients to guarantee optimal comfort and skin protection.

– Moisture: Hydro magnets work to capture and keep water molecules in the heart of the epidermis to preserve its optimal moisture level.

– Protection: Vitamin E and a Jasmine Flower extract help offer the skin antioxidant defenses, protecting the skin from daily aggressors (pollution, UV), the main causes of premature aging. Skin is also safeguarded by sun filters that prevent photoaging.

The skin keeps a fresh, radiant appearance all day long. Its natural beauty is preserved day after day.”