I’m almost starting to sound like Mr. Holmes….Boring boring boring.

I really can’t find anything positive about rain and cold weather. Every morning I fight to get out of bed, to find inspiration and to relax, but I can’t. Today I renewed my gym membership and spent some time working out, which helped for a bit, but the general feeling I have during winter is tipping more towards negative than positive. And that’s not good.

Vitamins, smoothies, exercise, green teas, essential oils – the list of ways to improve my daily routine in winter is long, but at the end of the day there seems to be only one thing to do about it. Leave. Find the amazing sun.



Today I did a voice-over job for Malta 5D in the morning and afterwards I met J for lunch at HIM. Oooh how I wish a place like that was located in Sliema, near us, and not in Gzira. A perfect little place, Italian of course, with great food (breakfast/lunch) and the sound of the most beautiful language there is….

It’s actually all you need; the beautiful and stylish interior, Italian food and language (and music, don’t forget) + a glass of wine. That’s it. #happymode


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beyu nail polish

Walking around at Franks in Plaza is like walking around in a giant candy shop and it’s almost impossible to leave without buying something, even something small. Last time I found a great nail polish in a nice nude/beige shade, from German brand BeYu

I’ve tried some other colors + a top coat from this brand and found it quite good.

+ Budget friendly under 10€

+ I find the brush better than some expensive brands and it’s easy to apply

+Large selection of colors + top/base coats etc

- I know it has nothing to do with the actual varnish but the logo looks really cheap

-Can only find it in certain outlets, not too common here in Malta

Some other BEYU shades

House of DVF

I’m happy to hear that Diane Von Furstenberg is doing a 2nd season of the uber-stylish and inspiring TV show House of DVF. Right now I keep watching the re-runs on E-Channel just to see the style and work done by the 10 girls competing for the title of DVF Brand Ambassador. I also really enjoy watching Diane, who at the age of 68 still looks amazing. Not amazing for her age, just simply amazing. It’s just comforting to see that style and looks has nothing to do with age!


From Edie Sedgwick to Diane Von Furstenberg, here are Andy Warhol's 17 most iconic muses.


Beautiful Brittany Hampton, winner of season 1 – House of DVF

Click here to get the full bios on all of the contestants of #HouseOfDVF!  Brittany Hampton