Mint for spring

Oh my God how windy Malta is today…almost flew away at one point during my power walk. Anyway, I spent the morning in Mosta fixing my nails 😉 I’m very happy with the colour and length, and they generally needed some proper TLC. The colour is mint + 2 of the nails are gold. Very spring, pastel happy colours!

Tonight I have the first lesson of my 16 week design course. Wish me luck.

Hope you all have a happy weekend x




Last Sunday I watched the Netflix documentary about Iris Apfel – I watched it twice, back to back. I’ve seen her before though, Instagram accounts, MAC promo etc. The documentary was liberating, I think that’s the most accurate way to explain it. It gave me a feeling of possibilities, or simply a feeling of perspective. I often feel stressed over age, over style, over personality and things that all of us go through, and seeing Iris at the age of 93 (!) relaxed me. I looked at her as a woman and a person, not putting her in any specific age-category. That’s what I want to be and feel. A personality, character, but ageless. For that reason I was a bit annoyed with the people who met Iris for interviews and other events throughout the documentary because they had a tendency to speak to her the way you speak to a child or someone very old – fair enough, youth may not be on her side, but intelligence did not fade in her case, neither did hearing, so.. you get my point.

Her style, what can I say? 😉 I think playful is a word that comes to mind. Other words to describe her? Color, creativity, bold, statement. I truly admire her way of thinking and going about life, why limit yourself in so many ways like we tend to do? I like Iris, she’s kinda cool!


The lovely Iris Apfel tells OKL her definition of style!:

Not to mention her to-die-for flat!

Iris Apfel's NY apartment - delightfully overdone and out-of-control:

she's a legend at any age | the paris apartment:








sale sale sale

Hi again! I managed to drive today despite being Fridayish tired hehe. Also, booked the course in Valletta and went shopping at bit at the sales.

Tonight we have a meeting for Aiden’s next step in becoming a catholic (!) Some more months to go and it’s time for his confirmation. Feel like his Holy Communion was just yesterday, but jeez ( yeah;) )


Detox juicin’

So yesterday we had a Netflix and wine kind of evening, and a little too late my driving instructor texted me asking if I could do an extra lesson today, as I really need the final ‘touches’ before doing the test…I said yes and now I kind of wish I didn’t. Not because of the wine but it’s Friday and I had some other plans as well. It’s funny how the mind works tho…I really really want to get this whole thing over and done with, it’s been like a year of practising on and off (my instructor has days where he just don’t ‘go to work‘, which means I sometimes have weeks of not driving) but as much as I want it, every lesson is accompanied with a dose of anxiety.

On another note, today I’m applying for a course in interior & design. Will keep you posted, I’m sure it’ll be fun, I always wanted to do something ‘real’ with my creativity, but never really found the right thing. Malta is sometimes a little limited, so fingers crossed about this one!

My morning detox juice, doesn’t it look so tempting! Love it – carrot, apples and lots of ginger!