When the heatwave arrives…

..and you still feel coffee is the only answer. Yes, even in the heat, my morning coffee is obligatory. Is it the coffee though, or simply a programmed habit? :)

I actually wrote a post about breaking the caffeine habit, the withdrawal symptoms and so on.

I’ve been there so I know it’s actually a habit you can break. But then again. The morning smell of coffee is too good to miss out on 😉




Myoka spa

Good morning,

Today I’m heading to Valletta for a facial at 66 St Paul’s Myoka Spa. I have a six step program with six different types of treatments, so today I’m not actually sure what she’ll come up with :)

So far I’ve done Cavitation & Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and Mesotherapy. From my own very personal experience, nearing 40 means there is so much more TLC needed than in my 20’s or 30’s. Actually, in my 20’s I was mainly concerned with the eczema which was beyond visible, causing pain and anxiety, but after overcoming that part it became almost like an obsession to look after my skin. It’s just that now at 39, what worked wonders earlier, just doesn’t seem to agree as much. So – without allowing it to become a negative process, I keep telling myself that I’m simply doing what I can, my best, and the result is going to be different from 10 years ago. It’s obvious, but coming to that realisation is somewhat overwhelming.

From the above mentioned treatments, I liked the Mesotherapy the most, mainly due to a longer lasting result. For me. Can’t speak for others, but I really liked it.

I’ll go deeper into skincare in your 40’s later on. Right now I’m running late for whatever is coming up :) Acid peels? Frost Peel? (no not really at this time of year hehe)




Live in tune with nature

” The phrase “living in tune with nature” has a precise meaning in Ayurveda: having healthy desires that match what you actually need.  As nature made you, what you need and what you want shouldn’t be in conflict. When you’re in balance, you naturally desire only that which nurtures your health and lifeYou flow in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms, getting restful sleep, feeding your senses with experiences, tastes, touch, aromas, sounds, and sights that uplift and nourish you. When you slip out of tune with nature, your desires become non-nurturing and you may crave junk food, neglect to sleep and exercise, and indulge in compulsive behaviors. Overtime, a little imbalance can become a disorder and then a disease, bringing on more stress and neglect. ”


Taschen Living in Mexico

This could very likely be the third or so time I post about Taschen books, especially during winter. Europe is drowning in snow and the cold knows no limits, except Malta, yes it’s true we don’t experience the same weather but to me it’s 28+ and sunny or it’s winter. There’s no in-between. Right now Malta is around 15-20. So…winter.

I tend to grab one of our Taschen books around this time of year, mostly the Mexican one, or the Mediterranean one (featuring summer shots). Coffee table books are a great way of keeping beauty near, especially when you don’t have the option to frame or nail everything to the wall.

Look at the warmth in these pics x





insta inspo

Herizen Guardiola, or herizen_fawn, is my absolute favorite on Instagram. You know how you follow some accounts and you send a little heart every now and then, and you keep them in your feed but in a jealous or frustrating or even bored kind of way?  This is not one of those…this is a pure, beautiful and inspiring account. It’s close to magical. One of few accounts I truly enjoy, with its 1970’s kind of blurry summer vibe feel to it.

 Herizen Guardiola is the star of Netflix show “The Get Down“, which I also enjoy.


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Some Herizen inspired items I put together;




My Barbados vacation was all about the hotel


Sun, ocean, open roof buses with music… This was my idea of Barbados. Trying to forget about a long winter and get some of that oh so necessary vitamin D, I packed my bags and ended up on an island that hadn’t changed all that much since last time I was there. But this time I was in a new hotel and I was hooked, I could have stayed by the pool the whole week because strange things were happening right there, things that kept many of us glued to the hotel premises… 

It was not charter but…

How odd to end up experiencing a spontaneous charter vacation. The hotel was pretty simple, small units surrounding a little pool. Good pricing for people set on discovering the island east of the West Indies. The very first night it turned out that a really cool crowd had chosen this very same hotel for the same week and friendships develop as we ended up chatting by the pool sipping tropical drinks. In fact, we spontaneously started a bingo game and people left their preferred casino online on their smartphones to join the “old timers” game.

You read it right, first night was bingo and the adventure continued the next day when instead of renting a car to go check out the historical sugar cane plantations with a friend I decided to simply stay by the pool for poetry morning. This was hilarious and it was surprising to see how some really good weather and relaxed atmosphere got the creativity going. A guy named John was still busy playing on an online site called Cloud casino and I came up with a cool verse on clouds and no clouds which afterwards I thought it better to keep in my head! Later that day at the beach we were still reading the bits out loud and laughing at the humor of it all.

Driving on the left side is crazy

The next day we did make it out on the road and while I thought that I pretty much have a grip on driving now (remember that I got my license before the Marbella trip) I was not ready for left side driving at all. It was a total freak out and I soon asked one of our new friends to grab the wheel so that I could keep an eye on all the sites. I don’t understand how they do it, sorry guys, but driving on the left side is not, well, right.

Word of my expertise came out

Thinking the whole charter feeling was just a first two days thing in the hotel, I was a bit baffled when I was asked to give some beauty tips. People who can play games on their mobiles can also check out blogs and so we had a little beauty get together discussing make up, fashion and other interesting things. We had an interesting debate on sunblock and whether it is overrated or not. I think I managed to convince them to put some on the for the next morning, after all there is a reason that BB cream is such a hit all over the planet.

Sing along evening

The coolest thing during my hotel Barbados stay was definitely the sing along evening. This was an event worthy of any Gran Canarias hotel experience. The night before going back home the whole gang had gathered by the pool and someone had brought a guitar. We started with some calmer tunes that most seemed to know and then it got a bit funny as some guy brought out a boom box and started playing the type of music you hear on the buses on Barbados.

We ended up circling the pool in the most geeky and hysterical way. I hope no one filmed it, I would deny being there if anyone saw someone that looked like me! It was so goofy and funny. I can honestly say that the best memories from my Barbados vacation came from the hotel where I met such cool people not looking for a charter trip but ending up having one.