House of Holland nails Ho Ho Ho

Looks like I’m starting to accept the fact that beach season is once again over :( (( and to keep myself from feeling depressed about the darkness I start talking to Aiden about Christmas. He is always beyond excited about the Xmas season and could seriously talk for a whole day about his plans and our traditions. Anyway, so to get myself in the winter and Christmas mood, I ordered a set of Santa nails. Yup. From House of Holland / They’re really cute ;)



I’m working on an anti-bullying project at the moment and I have many thoughts on the subject, mainly it’s about who to target, and this is my main question right now, as it seems the latter is not always dealt with properly, because if it was, bullying wouldn’t keep happening.

Do you automatically feel bad and sorry for the one being bullied, or do you feel worse for the one who bullies? 

I don’t like the quote or phrase “bullies are losers“. I don’t think they are bad people, but rather sad people. That’s what needs to change, because a happy and confident person does not need to put others down. That’s who I believe needs to be taken care of asap! Sometimes the bully is someone you feel bad for, let’s say someone coming from a broken home or someone having clear issues, and you can kind of expect them to act out towards others, but sometimes it’s just a person who was never told the basics of kindness or someone being spoiled in all the wrong ways and craves attention. Basically – whoever bullies needs to be aware that  you can’t fix yourself or feel better about yourself by breaking someone else! Unfortunately bullies don’t always get the help and assistance they need to grow and become happy and confident, but if they do there’s a great chance they can come to that point and by doing so, whoever is being bullied would feel better too!


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stay cool

I found this wall poster and somehow felt attracted to it hahaha, it’s so weird and so random. A bunch of fans. We’re trying to find some cool odd posters and frames for our lime stone walls but it seems like you need to stumble across these kind of artsy things…it’s not something you go and look for, you know what I mean? They sort of need to come to you!. I rarely like wall art, which is a shame because I would love to fall for all kinds of prints and designs, just to fill up the walls, but I become really fussy and end up with nothing.

I would love ideas on where to find some vintage artsy stuff…posters mainly and then the frames are easy to find.



favourite snack!

This is such a moorish snack! For me, being lactose intolerant, it’s such a treat being able to eat what I call normal cheese. Any cheese aged/matured over 3 months is supposed to be ‘safe’ for us who cannot enjoy certain cheeses. So for example parmesan, pecorino etc is all good! The one below is 9 months mature, so I can eat it without any trouble and it works great when grated over food in the oven too…