-2 days Rome

I’m very very excited about our weekend break in Rome, for the first time in a long while I’m not going just to stress down and sleep well in a nice hotel, I’m actually very eager to see this beautiful city and do….oh god…do some sightseeing (uugh)

I’m more of relaxed tourist. I have never understood the red bulled asian’s with their cameras and backpacks waiting for hours to get a sneak peek of a church or basically do anything that requires queing.

I want to take in the city atmosphere by walking around, stopping for coffees and lunch, do some shopping and eat nice dinners. Since I live in Malta, a sunny island, I much prefer visiting cities instead of other beach resorts.

I have a list of places to go in Rome, so let’s just hope we manage in 3 days.  There is of course a small chance (or risk depending on how you see it) that me and J will wake up in the morning with all the right intentions of being a typical tourist but after some good italian espresso for breakfast we’ll forget all about the historical sites and end up at another coffee place. Or shops. Or checking out people passing by. Either way, it will be nice.

Happy Me


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