2013 Diary

It’s like Tom Hanks says in the old movie ‘You’ve got mail’; New York in fall, makes me want to buy school supply. Something like that..and I always get the same feeling around this time of the year, I love stationary especially notebooks and agendas. I picked a few below which I find really cute.

Nowadays we all (yes even me now) have the mobile agendas and notebooks but I keep insisting on buying these handbag fillers as they are what most of us are looking for in each item we buy; simple beauty. It’s not only for the purpose of what we take note of and scribble down in them, but what we see when we open the handbag or when we look around the house for something else…A silly thing such as a pretty notebook can make me happy. Silly..but good :)

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2013 Diary




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