Joules wellies on a rainy day

I think once you own a pair of these wellies, a rainy day won’t suck as much….

Today is one of those days, I can hear the rain and thunder as I open my eyes. Typical Sunday morning. I’m enjoying it though, not having to wake up early, and for once – no plans. Yesterday we took Aiden to his cousin in Ghargur and they went for an hour of trick or treat. We never did that as kids, Halloween wasn’t such a big thing, if even a thing, in Sweden back then. Now maybe yes, and here in Malta it’s become a very big deal over the past few years. The kids enjoy it and it looks kind of cosy when people decorate their houses and it surely lights up the dark. What I remember though from my childhood, is lighting candles at the graves of some relatives…The eve of All Saints we call it, it’s the same thing as Halloween in the sense of its original purpose, but we never did the whole pumpkin-dress up-trick or treat thing. So anyway, I’m going to continue my rainy Sunday with some reading and studying. Possibly some baking as well xx

Tom Joules wellies

joules wellies. Rainy days don't have to suck.:



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