Little Thoughts and Prayers

Last night when I went to bed I started feeling sick, like shivering and sneezing etc and I think it might have been the yoga triggering it. You know, detoxing the bad stuff out of the body. Today I feel a bit better but to be on the safe side I prepared a healthy dose of vitamins for breakfast; apple, carrot and ginger juice.  And another thing, there was the Sunday Times laying around on the kitchen table and I thought I’d browse through it, sure a few days late, but manso many negative and depressing storys and news! Maybe for once the papers should shine a light on all the g o o d things that happens around the world, just for one day, let all the negativity rest and if everyone read the positive paper they would believe in these things (because yes..what you see is what you believe apparantly)

What I mean is that, everyday people around the world are fed with these news which 90% are negative, so you picture it, believe it and on it goes. Day by day. The only way to turn it around would be to feed people with happy, positive, inspiring news and storys so that we lower the crap bar. Don’t you agree?

Calm. The. Fuck. Down ;o)




  1. I so agree! How many time hasn’t it happened that one picks up the paper and feels like throwing it back to hell, where it surley came from? I don’t wanna read all that depressing stuff, it’s enough as it is. And yes, it’s good to have the eyes open for what’s happening in the world, but sometimes eyes open doesn’t mean open to what there is. Well, now I’m gonna read a REAL paper (In touch)… Ciao, guapa!

    • My kind of girl haha! I stick to the gossip&fashion magazines as well until the world starts to behave!!
      And seriously, send me your address, I have a small goodiebag for you! I dont need anything from sweden, promise!
      Hugs xox

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