Airbrushed celebrity photos

I don’t know what to make of these photos. The non airbrushed look blurry to me and with the right light they would have looked good enough without the computer touch-ups.

You’d think with all the money and possibilities the celebs have when it comes to cosmetics, make-up artists and pro cameras you wouldn’t need the ‘after’ fix, but it seems they are still not enough.

I think most of these women are beautiful as they are and the airbrushed photos look too fake, but on the other hand – Madonna doesn’t want age to show, Jessica Alba wants a slimmer waist, Fergie…well nothing helped her -not even airbrush, sorry.

So, they get what they want, a lighter more radiant skin tone, no dark circles under the eyes and no extra weight seen on the arms or legs. Fine – we still know what they look like au natural so to speak.

What’s your opinion? 


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  1. Well… It’s one thing photoshopping your own pics for your eyes only, but doing it for the world to see and without telling so (cause that is the case, right?) is a whole different story. That’s just cheating!

    Besos, Guapa!

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