Aleph new book by Paulo Coelho

I read all of Coelhos books some years ago when I was going through my divorce (ehm sounds like I’m really old…im 31 hehe) coz they are all about finding yourself, the meaning of life, finding love and to understand each other and all of those things are usually what goes around in your head when you go through a trauma of any kind, or let’s say you’re just in a bit of a weird place, so his books really inspires and helps. The funny thing is that as soon as you start to get back on your feet and he comes out with a new book, you run out to get it and start reading but all of a sudden you find it super strange. What the hell is he talking about? Everything seems too deep and too complicated. And I noticed, that’s how I see his books when I feel good, because I’m not searching for answers as much as when I’m down. Anyway, now there’s a new one out again – Aleph. Should I buy it? I feel quite ok. Yea I don’t know.

If you’re curious buy it here. Seems pretty good. Very Coelho.


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