All over the place..

I’m so anxious right now, my mind can’t get a grip on things when everything is all over the place. The house is pretty much packed, the only thing left are the stuff we really use, like clothes, toiletries and a few plates and cups. I hate this in between thingy. Then we’re off to Sweden which means packing again, coming back to Malta and….pack again, but obviously so we can go to our nice new apartment. I wish I wasn’t anxious and felt out of place and space and all. I feel like I’m wrapped in some kind of suffocating bubble but it could also be the intense heat here on the island. I wish I was totally normal, taking things as they come, but I’m far from it. Then again I feel excited over loads of things, probably more than others, and those are the moments and feelings I’m always craving, just have to accept the low’s too….

Can’t wait to go to Sweden now, it turned out really great that my brother and nephew are travelling the exact same day as we are, so we get to spend a whole week with them in the countryside. It’s nice for both Aiden and Nate to have each other around. The 2nd week they’re going back to Malta while we’ll be travelling a bit so not even a chance of getting bored there :) Me and J also have a 2-day stay in Stockholm and hopefully I’ll catch up with M who decided to move there. Grr. 😛




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