Apple cider vinegar

I’ve realized lately how sugary foods and sweets are making me feel real sick and full in a very unnatural way, which I used to blame entirely on gluten containing foods, but seems sugar – or sweeteners such as aspartame or fructose are also the culprit. At the moment I’m trying these Apple cider vinegar tablets from Holland & Barrett and they do help, they work as a rapid release of sugar and fat and speeds up your metabolism. Maybe it’s just in my head but I feel better after taking them. In my head or in the tablets, doesn’t matter really ;o) as long as I feel better…

I was actually not aware of how common it is for a lot of people to react negatively to sweeteners, and how many of the products we eat or drink on a daily basis contain so much of this sh*t. Since I stayed off sugary drinks especially, I feel a big difference. Check your fridge and count the products containing unnatural sugars and you’d be surprised, maybe even try to stay off them for a while and see if you notice a difference. I’m not referring to the fact, which we all know, how sugar is bad for the figure, I’m referring to how your stomach reacts to sweeteners; bloating, pain, cramps, nausea etc

If those are feelings you recognize it might be worth trying to cut the bad sugars.



Product image showing Apple Cider Vinegar Diet


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