Yesterday I was cooking at my mums place and we all had dinner there at the terrace and got to talking about a woman in her building, who seems to have been through everything in life. Mum wasn’t even sure it’s all 100% true; can so many things good and bad happen to o n e person?

I think they can. I think that any person with a very open mind attracts everything he/she believes is possible. I guess you have all read ‘The Secret’, where they push the idea of What you believe is what you attract. Be it negative or positive.

So, I told mum that she probably experienced a few things, bad and good, when she was young which made her believe that these things can happen to her so they keep coming.

I, for example, will probably never get filthy rich because I don’t believe in it (yet) but neither will I get hit by a bus because I don’t believe I will either. 

The idea is that if you truly want something you need to believe it can happen to you. Try not to think about negative things because you will attract them. Think and visualise the positive!

One day tho… ;o)



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