Live in tune with nature

” The phrase “living in tune with nature” has a precise meaning in Ayurveda: having healthy desires that match what you actually need.  As nature made you, what you need and what you want shouldn’t be in conflict. When you’re in balance, you naturally desire only that which nurtures your health and life.  You flow in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms, getting restful sleep, feeding your senses with experiences, tastes, touch, aromas, sounds, and sights that uplift and nourish you. When you slip out of tune with nature, your desires become non-nurturing and you may crave junk food, neglect to sleep and exercise, and indulge in compulsive behaviors. Overtime, a little imbalance can become a disorder and then a disease, bringing on more stress and neglect. “

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Taschen Living in Mexico

This could very likely be the third or so time I post about Taschen books, especially during winter. Europe is drowning in snow and the cold knows no limits, except Malta, yes it’s true we don’t experience the same weather but to me it’s 28+ and sunny or it’s winter. There’s no in-between. Right now Malta is around 15-20. So…winter.

I tend to grab one of our Taschen books around this time of year, mostly the Mexican one, or the Mediterranean one (featuring summer shots). Coffee table books are a great way of keeping beauty near, especially when you don’t have the option to frame or nail everything to the wall.

Look at the warmth in these pics x






A great little book to carry around wherever you go, as a constant reminder to stop and breath. To be mindful.

Try to take 5-15 mins a day, at least, for one or more of the exercises in the book. For yoga lovers, some of the postures will obviously be familiar and easy to make a habit of doing every morning or whenever you find a few minutes in peace. Other exercises does not require any physical effort, but a great deal of effort to pay attention to our dear senses. Kind of hard for beginners at first, no matter how easy and simple they may seem, but with some practice they’ll come more naturally after some time.. <3