Back in town

We had such a beautiful, romantic and inspiring weekend in Rome. Why hasn’t anyone told me about this place before?  That was my thought several times during the visit. I know it’s a touristic place, I know about the good food and the many beautiful buildings, history and surroundings. I’ve also heard it’s expensive. But why have I never heard about the harmony and magical atmosphere before?! Is it just us?

We love it, completaly fell in love with every single street and place we went.

And guess what? We went to all the the places I thought we would ignore and say  ‘naah let’s have a coffee instead’

Colosseum, Pantheon, The Vatican, St Peters church, Spanish piazza, Fontana de Trevi and so on

I’ve been to many other places in Italy before and as much as we love Florence for example I would give Rome one extra star.




  1. yayyy just exactly my feeling when I was there… it REALLY is as amazing as they all say…Glad you enjoyed it babe xx

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