Be nice to yourself

I’m taking a short break from my novel writing and jumped over to the blog instead, with a cup of coffee next to me. It got boring you know, ran out of ideas for a few minutes. But after the coffee and inspiring pics from other blogs, I’ll be ok again.

This morning I spent 1 hr at the gym sweating like mad, I prepared clothes and lunch bag for Aiden and sent a few emails and cleared up the house for the viewing this afternoon. Nothing special but still I got annoyed for not pushing myself through that boring moment of writing the book. But really? why am I focusing on that negative moment? I did a lot of good positive things so far today, maybe small, but still. 

Same thing with a diet, exercise, work, hobby etc – credit yourself a bit once in a while. Maybe you ate well for several days and then couldn’t resist a cheese cake? That’s not giving up! I swear, no one will ever keep a diet or similar if it’s going to be like military camp;¬†maybe you know it won’t always be fun, but you’re still determined to go through it, give yourself a break from time to time so that you are able to stick to something in the long run.

Me & J are always discussing our life, dreams, vision and analyzing ourselves to bits, sometimes too much, and I’ve understood that I sometimes judge myself too hard. It’s not nice. I’m gonna stop that and start giving myself some more credit for the good things I do everyday!






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  1. I have to agree. All too often we are hard on ourselves. We push and push and rarely take the time to stop a minute, and praise ourselves for all that we’ve accomplished.

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