beautiful moments

We had a great time in Sicily, quite an adventure :) We did the usual stuff, you know, eating our way through Sicilian pizzas and admiring the scenic landscape of Cefalu etc….but I still think the most laughable part was escaping a ‘wrongly’ booked B&B in Syracuse right after checking in from what we thought was going to be a cute little inn (although we never booked anything like it) only to find out all the advertising was insanely wrong. It was basically a far from cute place and we didn’t even give it a chance, so within the hour we ran past the owner of the place and dragged all our suitcases back to the car and checked in at a 4 star hotel around the corner. It was a nice hotel but after the other shaft it felt like luxury heaven 😉

Sicily feels a bit like travelling back in time but it was a well needed break and I’ve re-charged my batteries and it was nice to spend quality time with my boys <3




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