Before Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight – A beautiful trilogy



When Before Sunrise came out in 1995 I watched it countless times, I was so absorbed by their conversations and their searching souls looking for answers in every part of the world. Young people trying to figure things out, questioning and analysing every bit of reality and what’s to come, and this was very me back then, mid 90’s – always with thoughts that no one had patience to listen to. Somehow I felt connected to this movie and was very inspired by the characters and the environment.

By chance, this american guy and french girl meet on a train in Europe and end up spending the night together in Vienna, but ‘spending the night’  meant spending the few hours they have together walking, talking and discussing things that people seem to have forgotten as topics. It’s all very Woody Allen, the perfect film if you ask me.

Anyway. This was 1995 and the years have passed and I forgot about this movie, until Jonas told me he found a film called Before Midnight starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It all sounded very familiar of course and after a quick google-attack we realised they did not only film a sequel, this was actually the 3rd one, and the sequel is called Before Sunset.

This trilogy is so brilliant. It’s basically the same couple and their life story captured with 9 long years between each film. We watched all three of them, and then we watched them again, because I realised that my thoughts haven’t changed much since 1995 and this is very me and Jonas right now 2013. It’s amazing to see how the same couple have developed and still share the same passion for life and both Hawke and Delpy have managed to act in such a convincing and realistic way, it’s very impressive. The same questions are still there and it just shows how life, no matter how old you get, will always be filled with things to understand and figure out. You learn a lot along the way but unless you are open to see what’s going on around you and evaluate things, it gets dull, and the truth is that life is not dull – only if you choose to see it that way.

Like I mentioned before, it’s very Woody Allen but the actual director is Richard Linklater. What a genius.



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