bella italia

We are back in Malta again after 4 hectic but amazing days in Perugia and Rome. The wedding was beautiful, just like you see it in movies, and the reception at Villa Taticchi was fun with loads and loads of great food, I mean, you can’t not eat well and alot when in Italy. They just don’t know how to make bad food. Everything tastes fantastic.

I hope the bride and groom enjoyed it too, everything went well and even the weather was ok. Not summer, but we expected rain, so all in all it was very nice.

Today I feel like I need to sleep for 2 days straight, but instead I went to the gym and worked extra hard, need to find my routine again. Have a nice week everyone xx

Cosy cosy Perugia fireplace 


The bride arrives at the square in Perugia

photo 1 (3)



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