Benefit news – lips

I’m on the verge of running out of my absolute favorite lipgloss – Victorias Secret Beauty Rush! They have proven so far to be the only lipgloss or balm for that matter, that doesn’t dry out my lips. But the problem is that you cannot buy them in Malta and I haven’t been to London or US for a long time, so…I’m browsing to see what else is out there. Btw when I say ‘almost running out’ of VS gloss I mean, well, I have 3-4 tubes left ;o)

These are the coolest I’ve seen so far. Benefit newcomers. Anyone tried? Verdict?

  • dandelion (soft pearly pink)
  • dallas (dusty rose)
  • sugarbomb (shimmering pinky nude)
  • CORALista (sheer coral)
  • bella bamba (sheer bright watermelon)
  • hoola (shimmering golden nude)


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