Birthday girl

Last month when I did the operation the Dr kept repeating my age, which was 33. Five million times he said it and kept writing it down on his notes. Like 33, 33, 33…ehmm and….yeah 33, 33, 333333333

And – for the last week, Aiden has been going nuts saying ‘My mum is gonna be 34. THIRTY FOUR! O-M-G! (clearly not keeping in mind that he’ll be TEN next year)

You know, I won’t say OMG, I’ll just stick to W-T-F?! Is there a general age obsession? I feel like 25, sometimes I act like 19, sometimes like 60 and most of the time I try to look younger than, oh I don’t know, 30? Why are people so afraid of ageing? If it makes you feel stressed, speed up whatever you wish to accomplish!

Anyway. I’m soon going to my spa treat, probably my face will look so and so tonight at dinner, so good thing Jonas paid attention to detail on my wishlist, a refill of Dior Skinflash.


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