Björk & Berries Body Oil Wild Strawberries

“Fast absorbing body oil with vitamin E and organic rapeseed-, wild strawberry seed-, elderberry seed- and olive oil, rich in antioxidants. Creates smooth and deeply hydrated skin with an instant glow. Spray onto your whole body after showering or as required. Can also be applied to face for deep hydration and to hair to give softness and shine.  100% natural origin. Natural perfume of wild strawberries from Högbo.”

A nice surprise gift from J!

I use it after I’ve showered and surely; it absorbs very quickly, has a subtle scent and hydrates enough not to use additional lotion etc. The only thing that didn’t work for me is “can also be applied to hair to give softness and shine”. It was more of a  buttery shine, and the hair became heavy on that particular part where I tried it. So, I will keep using it on my body and possibly face, but skipping the hair. The bottle looks very cute btw, deserves a visible spot in the bathroom :)


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