Books vs Kindle

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s not that I want the world to go back in time but certain things were more beautiful before and as much as I appreciate comfort I very much prefer the old version of things. Yes they are still here and alive but they are slowly fading so to mention some of them; books vs Kindle, talking to a real person vs internet banking, e-magz vs real glossy magazines, cashiers vs self service counters etc etc

It scares me that the only way to pay a bus driver in Sweden is by sms. Or open a door to a  public toilet….by sms. If people focused on becoming more open minded and friendly we wouldn’t have to always find ways to avoid human contact.

This is partly why I love Malta. It’s 50 years back. And full of life.

Beautiful Eva Mendes, one of my favourite latinas in my actual magazine ;o)



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