Boost your hair

My hair is at the moment rather dull and the volume and thickness I had some time ago seems totally gone. I take good care of it but when you have been stressed for a longer period there’s no hair care product in the world that’s gonna come to the rescue. Before even searching for good products I believe the stress has to go. Far far away. Then you can start  off again. For me it’s not really the quality that has gone wrong as it’s still shiny and no split ends, it’s the thickness and volume more than anything. It looks like we have a dog in the house with all the hair flying around and it’s no fun. I’m therefore trying to find a remedy. If you have the same problem as me these products might be a start;

REF – Thickening spray. A volume/boost injection perfect for fine, thin or lifeless hair.

Paul Mitchell – Thicken up styling liquid

Thicken Up®
Silicea capsules For stronger hair, skin and nails
Redken Rootful – A lightweight fluid boost that gives hair boosts of fullness without the stiff or sticky feel


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