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The Xmas spirit finally kicked in! Last week Jonas and I went to see a string quartet classical concert at Teatro Manuel in Valletta and it was so amazing, I really didnt think I would sit through two hours of violin music but I was very much impressed and it was over too quickly. We had dinner and drinks in the city too and the following day was a public holiday so we slept late and had lunch at Giorgios, which now after being refurbished reminds me of a french corner coffee shop from the 50s.  Very pretty. In the evening we went to see another concert, but a christmas song choir this time. We were all a bit tired but thankfully the concert was just around the corner at St Patricks Church. Thats when I felt the xmas spirit kick in a bit.

On Saturday we had mum, Nate and Teta here for the traditional gingerbread baking. Most of the dough goes down the tummy before it even hits the oven. Typical. That evening we wanted to try a new restaurant so we went over to Il Borro, a just-opened italian place in St Julians. Its already existing in Tuscany but has now also opened here in Malta. Great food, wine and atmosphere but slightly over priced and the staff seemed a bit stressed which made me stressed, but could have been due to the fact that it was all new. Either way, we are going back for sure because they have amazing platters!

On Sunday we visited Phoenicia Artisan Christmas Fair, again in Valletta. Thats another tradition of ours, its so cosy and xmasy.

Hope you are all enjoying this month! :o)

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