Busy week

This week is quite packed with different things like meeting, consultation, work, coffee with C, kids party and not to mention study!!! I feel like throwing those damn books out the window, it’s really too much for kids Aidens age. Their exams are similar to what I did as a teenager and he’s not even 9 (next week hehe)

They push them way too hard and although he’s passed the mid-term exams, the pressure is still very present. I def don’t agree with the Swedish lazy school system, but here in Malta they’ve kinda taken it a step too far and I’m scared he’s gonna end up hating school soon. Thank God he doesn’t know anything else…he was always in a Maltese school but this year it’s been tough. But anyway, we do our best and then we have 12 weeks of beach, summer/sports school and 3 weeks in Sweden.

30+ and sunny today :) Not too bad.

My boo, proud of u!

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