That’s right!





Like it or not! I don't care ;)

Sometimes Aiden likes to pretend in front of his friends that he thinks I'm so annoying when I kiss him before going in to school in the morning, but the one time I didn't kiss him, just to see what happens, he ran back to me from his friends, and gave me a big kiss and hug and said: I always need a kiss before school!

That's nice, my little boo xxxxxx

Secret Santa Weekend update


Yesterday me & Milena went for a Xmas / Secret Santa late lunch at InterConti and today me and the little family will bake the traditional gingerbread cookies at my mum's place. The wind is so cold today,  can't wait for summer to come back! Aiden is looking grumpy coz I just told him Lewis Hamilton arrived here in Malta early this morning, in a private jet, now getting ready for todays car show :o) Boys and their cars....

Last night...

Will your kids always be your baby ?


Are there any mum readers out there? It's now 2pm and soon I'm walking to Aidens school to pick him up. I was going through some pics for my blog update and found this one of me and him, and got this sudden urge to squeeze his cheeks and hug him. The problem is that, even though he's a generally cuddle boy for his age (8 yrs) he's still a bit reluctant to hug and kiss me outside school, and I'm standing there like a retard being rejected on a date. I want my hug and kiss!!

The question was pretty much this; will your kids always be your baby ? No matter the age? Cos I'm thinking when he's around 14-15 he's gonna slap me isn't he?


Recommended books


Oh. It's been seriously slow here, I've spent most of my time reading and also writing (a book sort of, not blogging) and just now I finished the beautiful story called Vigil by Cecilia Samartin the author of Tarnished Beauty and Broken Paradise. Highly recommended!!

Today we also went for a walk in the heat, had some coffee and Aiden bought a small car for a change :) I had to buy another Dior Skinflash coz I've been without it for a few weeks and I feel oooold. The sales girl told me about the latest nail polishes as well and there's the duo where you can use them separately or use them together to create a crocodile leather effect, looked very fab indeed! A typical have-to-have!

                                                                                    Me & Aiden near Balluta Valley

Mañana Mañana


Can't get myself to do anything right now, it's too hot. Pure heat wherever you go. I pulled myself up this morning, took Aiden to summer school, went home to drink coffee and study a bit, dragged myself down to the bellydance class and then back home, ate and picked up Aiden. We ate some more and then came the precious moment of siesta. Ahhhh, it doesn't take much to fall asleep during the hottest hour of the day, the body feels heavy like rocks. No wonder why everything you have in mind is followed by a whispering Mañana Mañana......

Me & Aiden went for a walk during the Swedish holiday, on one of the few sunny days, still dressed in long sleeve, what a difference ;o)



Change of environment

I’m feeling so sick today, fever and headache, pain everywhere to say the least. We had dinner at C&P’s last night + drinks for my sis in law’s birthday afterwards. Maybe I should have gone home early instead but once you’re out while you start feeling sick you keep going it seems. Next week we’ll be in Sweden which I’m really looking forward to, it’s so nice with a change of environment and being in a totally different place for a while. Hope you’ll all have a nice weekend, I’m putting the little energy I have left into positive thinking and beauty browsing!

My favourite boys in Sweden a couple of years ago