This time of the day you’ll find everywhere quiet, calm and no one around, it’s the beauty of mediterranean siesta. Not always the case in our casa…Aiden is watching rally crash (for the 39857893rd time) which has this incredibly annoying background noise. Jonas is singing about himself (also for the 289762896th time) and don’t ask me why haha….it’s something he does when he thinks no one can hear him.

I’m preparing for the BBQ and when my hands are free I’m gonna try the new Sally Hansen nailpolish which I got today.

Last night, after spending 2 hrs with Aiden at the beach, we had dinner at Frescos and after we passed by my mums flat for some wine.

Ah yes..forgot to mention that I had Jonas script for the 2nd novel with me at the beach which I’m sort of editing and one part was hilarious…I couldn’t stop laughing and probably looked stupid with drool and tears all over  hahaha ;o)

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, I will!




Aiden is now already at the beach with his school class, enjoying the full day playing…not too shabby. I promised him to go again in the afternoon coz today is going to be a hot hot summer day. I’m not a ‘sandy beach 8 hour a day’  type but I love going for a little while down to the rocks or by a beach bar and relax while Aiden plays in the water so that’s what we’ll do today! I don’t know how the h*ll I forget how hot it gets…every year is the same. Longing for the hot Maltese summer and when it comes it’s like being hit in the head…

Steve Madden shows bright colors for the summer 2012 collection, I like the sandals.


This Is What Steve Madden Has In Store For Summer

BBQ season

I think meat and all type of skewers are coming out of my ears soon. I had coffee with B today and we mentioned how many bbq’s we’d had already and it’s only May. And many more planned. For us, this weekend we have 3. Yes three. I dont mind it though hehe….actually love it. Food, wine and good company, the best there is!!!

It’s time to pick up my boo from school and the day goes on…Enjoy peeps.


Me + Aiden = True love?

Aiden – Mum it’s true I love you but I could never marry you..
Me – No you’re couldnt. Mainly because I’m your mum!!!
Aiden – No…coz you’re so annoying in the morning
Me – Aaah thanks..



Milk festival + B’day

We had such a nice weekend, yesterday we took Aiden to his nannu in Zebbug because he was invited to a wedding in the evening, after that we drove to Mdina for cake and tea at Fontanella. I found this delicious gluten free almond & orange cake!! I almost felt guilty because it tasted like real cake…but it was obviously pain afterwards.

In the evening me & J had dinner in Valletta at a very nice place called Rampila.  It was a true food experience. A positive one! Perfect food and great service. Check it out if you’re around.

Today is my mums birthday and we had the pleasure of enjoying the finest Milk Festival in Ghargur where my brother and Shakyra lives hahahaa. Fake cows to milk and lots of yogis. Great place for a lactose intolerant like me ;o) It’s super hot so we didn’t stay too long and after we had lunch at a local restaurant. Shakyra had ordered a surprise cake for mum, so all in all a nice day!!

Sounds like all I do is eat haha. I do enjoy food and wine, nothing new but as long as it’s quality and gluten free I’m good.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Malta is very hot  :o))




Being Aidens mum

It’s fun.  Interesting to say the least.

This morning I went upstairs to take a shower and when I came back down there was a kid in the hall asking for Aiden. I called him but turned out he had gone off to his friends 3 doors away so I sent him away. 5 mins later another knock on the door. This time it was Aidens ‘girlfriend’ Nadesh; “Aiden is over at the guys house and doesn’t want to stay with me, tell him to come home pleeease”

I told her Go get him yourself, aren’t you his girlfriend?

No she refused and said You’re the mummy, you get him.

Then we stayed arguing over who should get him or not and it turned out she also have another boyfriend but he’s younger (!!) so not in the mood for him today. So we ended up going together but Aiden was determined to stay with his friend watching a movie and then he shouted after her Go and play with your other boyfriend who you kissed behind a car!!!!

Nadesh got upset and we left…

True puppy love but my god, they’re only 6 and 7. I obviously took her side coz we’re girls 😉

In the afternoon we went shopping. It wasn’t Aiden going in shops with me, it was the other way around. He took me to the Fred Perry store, Diesel, Vodafone and some others because he wanted to check out the kids clothes. He also knows the sales girl at one of the shops (why?)

I get seriously confused, I don’t know if I should think it’s cool or disturbing. I had none of the things he has or even knew about them at the same age….and it’s not because I’m old, it’s just things are moving so fast I guess.

On the way home he said; Thank God for nuns. Where else would poor kids live? I think becoming a family in church is bad, it breaks families. Look at you…look at aunty Maryanne..look at, well who else……yeah Jennifer Lopez.

Try to listen to a 7 year old reason like this and not laugh!!!