The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Nourishing Mask

Vädret är ju så fruktansvärt kallt och otrevligt här i Stockholm idag, det är inte lätt att ställa om vädermässigt när man spenderat senaste 16 åren på Malta :) men jag försöker genom att ta vara på alla bra saker som jag kunde sakna på Malta. Det som är allra skönast är ju att det är så varmt och mysigt inomhus. Ingen fukt, inga kalla golv osv. Idag testade jag därför en ansiktsmask som heter The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Nourishing Mask. Måste säga att den har en lite funky doft som de kanske kunde gjort något åt, men det kan ju vara som med Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream, att vissa älskar doften och andra avskyr den. Någon som testat? Förutom doften tycker jag att den känns allmänt uppiggande, vilket är ungefär vad jag behövde en dag som denna.



elizabeth arden flawless future night cream

With the addition of the night cream, Flawless future is now a complete range and you’ll find serum, day cream with/without spf30, eye gel and night cream.

I’ve tried the serum which unfortunately does not help my skin much, I feel like I need a whole bottle of those gorgeous caplets, but I’ve used the day cream spf 30 and it is amazing, so I decided to try the night cream since my other cream just finished.

The ‘almondy’ scent takes a bit of getting used to, especially since it differs a lot from the beautiful scent of the day cream, but other than that I’m liking it already. It absorbs quickly and my face feels like soft baby skin in the morning. It needs a couple of weeks to prove itself but so far so good!



splurge vs save on spring perfume

Spring is here and you are probably (like myself) bored of your winter scents, so I’d like to give you a quick tip if you’re sniffing through the shelves at the department stores without success :)


Latest beauty from Elie SaabRose Couture Edt. I’m not a fan of Saab perfumes in general as I find them quite strong, so this came as a very nice surprise. It has a lot of character yet settles beautifully and lasts for a long time, leaving a happy, fresh note of rose and spring behind. Don’t think of the rose as overpowering though, it’s there, but not in the usual way, it’s more subtle and gives plenty of room for the other notes too. 30ml €45


My favourite right now is, believe it or not, from Zara. It smells 100% of spring and makes me think of city breaks, shopping, outdoor coffee shops and it’s generally sweet but fresh, and works well both day and night. Also….it’s €13 for 100ml Aaaahhh;)



Maison Scotch

Maison Scotch and Scotch & Soda just got some really cool items in for spring-16 and I had to go and take a look. I also grabbed a cute top from the sales 😉 I love their style, there’s a streety and funky yet proper and stylish tone to all their clothes. I really like that combo. The only annoying thing is that J tends to get stuck, always finding something new, so I’m sitting there like a boyfriend waiting for his girlfriend at Sephora 😉 x