Marbella was beautiful as always. The last time we went, few weeks ago, I literally did nothing. Just stayed near our apartment, in the pool for hours and went for long walks. (J obviously played tennis and Aiden was carspotting)

I love the contrast from Malta, green lush areas and a different type of lifestyle that we really click with. It doesn’t have a strong ‘personality’ the way Malta has though, so I love going back and forth to get the best of both worlds.

Oh – I can really recommend Breathe, go to the rooftop bar and enjoy the view and a beautiful cocktail!


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Evolve Organic Beauty Miracle Face Mask

If you’re looking for a quick fix, this is your answer – Evolve Miracle Face Mask.

It’s literally a 5-10 minute job and voila – instant glow.

It keeps its promise when it comes to result, the jar is display worthy and in this case, even the scent and color of the product is appealing. Like a tropical fruit. Kind of that ‘all-round’ product I was talking about in an earlier post.

The only minus I would come up with is the texture, I found it a bit too loose or runny. Once applied however, it stays put!


This delicious miracle face mask blended with 100% natural fruit acids including Glycolic Acid from Sugar Cane delivers instantly smoother plumper skin. Peruvian Maca, an ancient energy booster, helps to increase cellular renewal and skin radiance and reduces the appearance of ageing whilst Papaya acts as a natural exfoliator.



 Evolve Products Miracle Organic Face Mask

 Miracle Organic Face Mask


Nuxe Honey Lip Balm

If anyone sufferes from very dry lips, this is your cure – Nuxe Honey Lip Balm.

I had been using lipsticks and a variety of balms which really dried out my lips and whatever I did, they remained chapped. It’s no fun when you have your skin under control but the lips are all dry and unattractive, so I ended up trying a rich balm from Nuxe. It really sorted them out from day 1 so I bought a whole box of these little glass jars :)

It has quite a rich and somewhat grainy texture, some people don’t like the grainy part, but if you warm it between your fingers before applying, those tiny bits dissolves quickly. I personally don’t even notice them but some people do.

Since it’s rather rich, using it at night is also a good idea if the texture is too much to use under lipstick, but I use it day and night just to make sure I never go back to that chapped, dry state again!


“Muscat Rosemary Oil and Beeswax is deeply replenishing. 
Allantoin soothes while Acacia Honey repairs. 
Vitamin E protects the lips.”

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Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl


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I change the color on my nails every 3 weeks when I visit my nail salon, and same goes for my toes, and last time I left the salon I realised I have absolutely nothing for my lips in my make-up bag to match the nails. It’s not just red, it’s red orange, which seemed like an easy thing to find, but turned out to be a lot more tricky than expected. Doesn’t really show on the pictures but it has quite an orangy tone. Thankfully I found a perfect match in Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl number 08, a rushed buy at the airport on the way to Marbella. Small moment of victory :)

Clinique Pep-start Hydroblur moisturizer

This is not a new product, but I find it so great during these hot summer months, I feel a need to give it some attention!

Gone are the shiny areas on my forehead and around the nose. It’s a very hydrating day cream with a matte finish. Just like a primer. It’s oil-free and very lightweight.

I use it throughout the day for touch-ups, and my skin stays hydrated and matte.

It can be used on its own of course, or else under make-up, however I don’t really like mixing it with a foundation, but that’s only my personal opinion. For me, the whole point of using this cream is the fact that you can leave the house with no make-up and still look fresh. Of course, it’s easier during summer when your tan helps you on the way, but you get the point 😉

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Vichy spf 30 hydrating spray

My bottle is almost empty and it’s time to stock up on a few more of this liquid shine.

I love this product, it’s got SPF30, it contains hydrating hyuralonic acid and it has a pleasent subtle scent. What I also like is that it does not stain your clothes, and it’s light and easily absorbed. The only minus I can come up with is the size of the bottle. It’s great since it fits easily in my handbag and obviously in my beach bag, but I would have gone for a larger size if it was available.

You’ll also find 2 other options in this range; Vichy Ideal Soleil Antioxidant and Vichy Ideal Soleil Enhanced Tan. I have yet to try them, so cannot give my feedback on those 2 at this point.

To be totally honest, the reason I bought this product in the first place is because of how it looks. I want all my products to be display worthy, it has to be a damn good product for me to buy something with a non-attractive packaging. Sounds kind of lame, but I want my skincare routine to be pleasant for all my senses. Do you ever think like that? It has to be an all-round good product, to put it that way. In this case, most suncare products are kind of dull, but I found this quite nice.


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Myoka spa

Good morning,

Today I’m heading to Valletta for a facial at 66 St Paul’s Myoka Spa. I have a six step program with six different types of treatments, so today I’m not actually sure what she’ll come up with :)

So far I’ve done Cavitation & Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and Mesotherapy. From my own very personal experience, nearing 40 means there is so much more TLC needed than in my 20’s or 30’s. Actually, in my 20’s I was mainly concerned with the eczema which was beyond visible, causing pain and anxiety, but after overcoming that part it became almost like an obsession to look after my skin. It’s just that now at 39, what worked wonders earlier, just doesn’t seem to agree as much. So – without allowing it to become a negative process, I keep telling myself that I’m simply doing what I can, my best, and the result is going to be different from 10 years ago. It’s obvious, but coming to that realisation is somewhat overwhelming.

From the above mentioned treatments, I liked the Mesotherapy the most, mainly due to a longer lasting result. For me. Can’t speak for others, but I really liked it.

I’ll go deeper into skincare in your 40’s later on. Right now I’m running late for whatever is coming up :) Acid peels? Frost Peel? (no not really at this time of year hehe)




elizabeth arden flawless future night cream

With the addition of the night cream, Flawless future is now a complete range and you’ll find serum, day cream with/without spf30, eye gel and night cream.

I’ve tried the serum which unfortunately does not help my skin much, I feel like I need a whole bottle of those gorgeous caplets, but I’ve used the day cream spf 30 and it is amazing, so I decided to try the night cream since my other cream just finished.

The ‘almondy’ scent takes a bit of getting used to, especially since it differs a lot from the beautiful scent of the day cream, but other than that I’m liking it already. It absorbs quickly and my face feels like soft baby skin in the morning. It needs a couple of weeks to prove itself but so far so good!



splurge vs save on spring perfume

Spring is here and you are probably (like myself) bored of your winter scents, so I’d like to give you a quick tip if you’re sniffing through the shelves at the department stores without success :)


Latest beauty from Elie SaabRose Couture Edt. I’m not a fan of Saab perfumes in general as I find them quite strong, so this came as a very nice surprise. It has a lot of character yet settles beautifully and lasts for a long time, leaving a happy, fresh note of rose and spring behind. Don’t think of the rose as overpowering though, it’s there, but not in the usual way, it’s more subtle and gives plenty of room for the other notes too. 30ml €45


My favourite right now is, believe it or not, from Zara. It smells 100% of spring and makes me think of city breaks, shopping, outdoor coffee shops and it’s generally sweet but fresh, and works well both day and night. Also….it’s €13 for 100ml Aaaahhh;)