Take charge

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Good morning :)

So far I've done well today -  45 min gym and 45 min powerwalk along the sea.

I believe that as long as you keep doing small steps everyday towards your goal, you'll get there eventually.  Maybe you don't see results there and then but they are there, because nothing comes by snapping your fingers. Sometimes just the feeling of doing what needs to be done is enough, I'd hate to sit on my a** thinking about how I wish to look but doing nothing about it, no no.

Anyway, enough pep talk for today, I'm going back to writing; same thing there - I write every day even when I don't feel like it. How else will I ever finish?

Have a nice weekend xoxox


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Unattractive behaviour


I can't think of anything more unattractive than people who don't look out and care for themselves, like they have no pride and definitely no 'balls'. I can't understand why some people are called selfish for taking good care of themselves, when in the long run they also care for the people around them by doing so. I don't stand up for myself and make sure I feel and look good for myself only, I do it just as much for Aiden or anyone who loves me, as an example, because I wouldn't want him to grow up and spend time worrying about me. I want him to know that I'm fine, and it's my responsibility to make sure I am fine. Let's say I didn't speak to a therapist after my separation from his father, I would still suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Something I'd never want to put myself or Aiden through. Still somehow, some people think that putting their own problems in focus is selfish! How?!

Anyway, it's sad and annoying to see people who think so little of themselves...how do they expect anyone else to care about them?!

Take care of yourself first. Just sayin'





Be nice to yourself


I'm taking a short break from my novel writing and jumped over to the blog instead, with a cup of coffee next to me. It got boring you know, ran out of ideas for a few minutes. But after the coffee and inspiring pics from other blogs, I'll be ok again.

This morning I spent 1 hr at the gym sweating like mad, I prepared clothes and lunch bag for Aiden and sent a few emails and cleared up the house for the viewing this afternoon. Nothing special but still I got annoyed for not pushing myself through that boring moment of writing the book. But really? why am I focusing on that negative moment? I did a lot of good positive things so far today, maybe small, but still. 

Same thing with a diet, exercise, work, hobby etc - credit yourself a bit once in a while. Maybe you ate well for several days and then couldn't resist a cheese cake? That's not giving up! I swear, no one will ever keep a diet or similar if it's going to be like military camp; maybe you know it won't always be fun, but you're still determined to go through it, give yourself a break from time to time so that you are able to stick to something in the long run.

Me & J are always discussing our life, dreams, vision and analyzing ourselves to bits, sometimes too much, and I've understood that I sometimes judge myself too hard. It's not nice. I'm gonna stop that and start giving myself some more credit for the good things I do everyday!





Flu Fighter First Aid Kit


I've been sick for the past few days and it just won't go away :(

Jonas was away for a week, came back for 2 days and had to leave again, but only for 2 days, anyway - I used all my energy to be able to spend those two days with him and although I was sick we had a really nice time. Since none of us had to go to work and Aiden was in school we pretended to be on holiday and went around shops, cafe's, restaurants and for long walks. I miss him all the time when he's away but right now I think he better stay where he is hehe....I look like shit, but these few things acted as the Flu Survival Kit for the past days, so at least I looked human.

Hope you all have a nice weekend, I'll go back to dreamland now since the whole weekend is tennis tennis tennis for Aiden and I need to be well again for a million reasons :)