When the heatwave arrives…

..and you still feel coffee is the only answer. Yes, even in the heat, my morning coffee is obligatory. Is it the coffee though, or simply a programmed habit? :)

I actually wrote a post about breaking the caffeine habit, the withdrawal symptoms and so on.

I’ve been there so I know it’s actually a habit you can break. But then again. The morning smell of coffee is too good to miss out on 😉




Hashtags for dummies

When will people understand the purpose of hashtags? I was quietly hoping someone would add ‘learn how to use hashtags’ to their list of New Year’s resolutions. But no. It’s February and it still looks the same. Probably because they don’t realize the issue in the first place. Fair enough, it’s not a worldly problem, but it hurts my eyes every time I go through a social media feed and I see those separated #hashtags. Please!

First of all, hashtags are there for a reason. Whenever you post a text or photo to any form of social media, take a second to think about what you want others to see or read. Does this add value to someone who doesn’t know me? Sometimes, for example, when you post pictures on Instagram that you know deep down will only be appreciated by family members or close friends, like a blurry picture of your friends having dinner, you know, pictures that no one cares about except those close to you, in those cases there is no need for hashtags! Why? Because, hashtags are there to let other people find your post/picture. In other words: Unless you think random people would like to see a close up of your mosquito bite, don’t hashtag. Because why would you want anyone to see that?

Second of all, do not separate the tags. For God’s sake. Why would you do that?! The one and only reason you use #hashtags is because you want others to find your post, because you think they might like it or find it useful for one reason or another, for people to click on the hashtag and find similar stories/pictures, or simply search for a topic. 

I.e when you post a photo of your cup of coffee or a view from your morning walk in the forest, you want people out there searching for a particular photo to find yours, by searching whatever actually relates to your post, so when you hashtag this way; #walk #in #the #forest or #cup #of #coffee, what do you think will happen?!

Do you think someone will search for #the or #of and oh oh voilà – there’s your picture from the forest? Ehm. No.

The hashtags should relate to the picture, even if the hashtag becomes super long (although 3-4 words are enough) So, #walk #in #the #forest would therefore become #walkintheforest. If you want to be more clear, simply use capitals – #WalkInTheForest. Upper cases will not make a difference when searching for a topic. Just don’t separate the words, no one ever searches for #this or #when etc.

Sometimes though, people add hashtags that no one will search for, but the intention is simply to add some humor or sarcasm, for example: I love scary movies #WillNotSleepTonight.

Same goes for Twitter and Facebook posts, you only hashtag the essential part letting people find the topic by adding hashtags like #BeyoncePregnant and not #beyonce #is #pregnant. Yeah OK you get it.



Happy Tuesday

Some mornings are seriously making it harder than others for me to get out of bed. Today is one of those. I really need one of those ‘I don’t do mornings’-tees, just to make it clear! I’m in so much pain after yesterday’s 3-hour workout, it’s a nice kind of pain but you know what I mean. So anyway, just had to share some morning thoughts :) before my one-a-day coffee (boring but good) and work.




Yesterday was beautiful, and I’ll tell you why it was extra nice to spend a full day out of the house – 0n Friday eve I had my designer class in Valletta and halfway through I started feeling a bit strange, as if I was very very hungry, you know, to the point where you almost feel sick. J picked me up as soon as class finished and we went home, I was planning to eat something but even thinking of food made me feel funny. Within 30 mins I was throwing up! I am almost never sick. Ever. So for me it was kind of a shock. From then on I spent the night in the same manner….I hate throwing up, it makes me sick just thinking of it. Anyway, it was probably a 24 hr bug, because Saturday eve around the same time, I felt like a human being again. How bad it is right? Your body is shivering and aching and all you want to do is stand up and be normal!

Soo, yesterday when I felt OK enough to go out (by the way, all the puking put so much pressure on my head and face that I ended up with red spots, I had a fright at first but it’s totally normal, it’s basically like broken blood vessels and they disappear on their own in a few days) we got dressed and drove down to Birgu for breakfast and the rest of the day we spent walking around the ‘three cities‘ + a quick stop at the Danish village up north in the afternoon. Very nice family day with warm weather although it looks crappy in some of the pics.

Now I’m off to the shops to fix the last bits for J’s birthday tomorrow! xox

IMG_8918 (1)

IMG_8925 (1)




Detox juicin’

So yesterday we had a Netflix and wine kind of evening, and a little too late my driving instructor texted me asking if I could do an extra lesson today, as I really need the final ‘touches’ before doing the test…I said yes and now I kind of wish I didn’t. Not because of the wine but it’s Friday and I had some other plans as well. It’s funny how the mind works tho…I really really want to get this whole thing over and done with, it’s been like a year of practising on and off (my instructor has days where he just don’t ‘go to work‘, which means I sometimes have weeks of not driving) but as much as I want it, every lesson is accompanied with a dose of anxiety.

On another note, today I’m applying for a course in interior & design. Will keep you posted, I’m sure it’ll be fun, I always wanted to do something ‘real’ with my creativity, but never really found the right thing. Malta is sometimes a little limited, so fingers crossed about this one!

My morning detox juice, doesn’t it look so tempting! Love it – carrot, apples and lots of ginger!


Good morning

My mood tends to go down quite a bit when my sleep is disrupted for one reason or another, and it’s so clear that a good nights sleep is of major importance! Wanna know my cure for bad mood? Inspiration.

I wish my day started with a yoga session and a hotel breakfast, but you have to take inspiration from whatever comes in front of you. This morning, the first thing I saw on Pinterest was this Matthew Williamson clutch. It helped. If only for a minute. Beauty helps.