Zara spring


There's a really cool and inspiring vibe when you walk in to Zara at the moment, I think it's the spring collection creating a fresh atmosphere after the hectic mess during sales (which btw always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic, as if being stuck in winter and grey skies). I feel like trying on loads of styles even though we are kind of in-between season, so yes, it's a little bit confusing where to direct our focus at this point Ā - a maxi dress is not going to be worn in the coming days but the knitwear feels too much knowing spring is around the corner, but still,Ā I am definitely inspired. It's a teaser, just like the current Maltese weather ;)




sale sale sale

Hi again! I managed to drive today despite being Fridayish tired hehe. Also, booked the course in Valletta and went shopping at bit at the sales.

Tonight we have a meeting for Aiden’s next step in becoming a catholic (!) Some more months to go and it’s time for his confirmation. Feel like his Holy Communion was just yesterday, but jeez ( yeah;) )


Good morning

My mood tends to go down quite a bit when my sleep is disrupted for one reason or another, and it’s so clear that a good nights sleep is of major importance! Wanna know my cure for bad mood? Inspiration.

I wish my day started with a yoga session and a hotel breakfast, but you have to take inspiration from whatever comes in front of you. This morning, the first thing I saw on Pinterest was this Matthew Williamson clutch. It helped. If only for a minute. Beauty helps.





Good morning little birds. I’m clearly desperate to travel right now…thoughts of cities and beaches, churches and piazzas, different types of food and landscapes are swirling around in my head like leaves on a windy day. Whenever I do something creative it always reflects my current mood, so today this is what came to mind…NYC and flowers! I couldn’t choose between city or nature so let’s mix them up!

NYC flowers by lenahcaruana on Polyvore featuring art, Flowers, stars and concrete: