Zara spring


There's a really cool and inspiring vibe when you walk in to Zara at the moment, I think it's the spring collection creating a fresh atmosphere after the hectic mess during sales (which btw always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic, as if being stuck in winter and grey skies). I feel like trying on loads of styles even though we are kind of in-between season, so yes, it's a little bit confusing where to direct our focus at this point  - a maxi dress is not going to be worn in the coming days but the knitwear feels too much knowing spring is around the corner, but still, I am definitely inspired. It's a teaser, just like the current Maltese weather ;)




sale sale sale

Hi again! I managed to drive today despite being Fridayish tired hehe. Also, booked the course in Valletta and went shopping at bit at the sales.

Tonight we have a meeting for Aiden’s next step in becoming a catholic (!) Some more months to go and it’s time for his confirmation. Feel like his Holy Communion was just yesterday, but jeez ( yeah;) )