Roeqiya Fris Art

Roeqiya Fris Art – my favourite. She’s a Dutch/Egyptian illustrator and her art is inspired by Arab culture, fashion and nature.

For me it’s the color combinations, the warmth, and the simple beautiful situations that makes me want to keep looking and explore these paintings. They portray such simplicity yet there’s an explosion of emotions when you look at her art.

Find her on Etsy and Instagram


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Zara spring


There's a really cool and inspiring vibe when you walk in to Zara at the moment, I think it's the spring collection creating a fresh atmosphere after the hectic mess during sales (which btw always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic, as if being stuck in winter and grey skies). I feel like trying on loads of styles even though we are kind of in-between season, so yes, it's a little bit confusing where to direct our focus at this point  - a maxi dress is not going to be worn in the coming days but the knitwear feels too much knowing spring is around the corner, but still, I am definitely inspired. It's a teaser, just like the current Maltese weather ;)




xmas luxuries

Inspiration boost! Can’t believe they’ve already started filling the shops with Christmas deco and food!? I walked in to Zara Home today and honestly thought someone was baking ginger bread cookies! Nice, but a little early. Anyway, since I always realise things too late, like when all gift wrapping’s been sold out for weeks (!), I thought I’d put together a mood board to inspire anyone who needs a bit of an idea-boost!

Actually, these would be things I’d buy for myself 😉 I’ll get back to you on the gift-idea boards…..

Happy early Christmas!

xmas luxuries by lenahcaruana on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor, interior decorating, Kusmi Tea, Roja Parfums, Rebecca Minkoff and Elizabeth Arden:

new launch kenzo totem

This is the latest launch from Kenzo fragrance and includes 3 unisex scents;

“Welcome to the TOTEM tribe. Multiple personalities from all around the world. Free to create. Free to share together. A positive energy. One desire. To make the world more beautiful. The key, 3 new unisex fragrances”


TOTEM ORANGE, a new floral energy with woody notes, as luminous as hypnotic. Energizing bitter orange. Dynamic lemon flower associated to sophisticated vetiver. A breath of vitality to assert its identity.

TOTEM YELLOW, a new sparkling and ultra joyful freshness with citrus notes. Ultra fresh pink grapefruit. Soft tea. Characteristic leathery woods. An explosive citrus cocktail to assert its identity.

TOTEM BLUE, a new fruity sensuality, addictive but cool. Sweet pineapple. Audacious cardamom. Welcoming cedar. An impertinent sensuality to assert its identity.

anatomicals world pore 3

I use Anatomicals from time to time for a few different reasons; 1) the packaging and branding is fun 😉 2) they’re cheap 3) most of their stuff is actually good considering the price.

These strips however didn’t work quite as well as I was expecting, but on the other hand my skin is not in a bad state right now, so I’ll use them again after travelling – that’s when I normally need a bit of a quick cleanse before the obligatory hydra-boost!

If I had to recommend a product, it would be their face masks – they do keep their promise!




The boys luggage finally arrived this morning after waiting since Sunday. Quite an annoying ending to their otherwise amazing trip…Thankfully the bags were not stolen, simply neglected and misplaced in transfer. Such crappy service, but I’m not going to dwell on that now – bags are here and safe and so are they 😉 and oh – my Essie gifts! Since they are nowhere to be found in Malta, it’s a must to stock up when going to the airport.

Nail polish in a coral tone, apricot cuticle oil and  a clear base coat!