House of DVF

I’m happy to hear that Diane Von Furstenberg is doing a 2nd season of the uber-stylish and inspiring TV show House of DVF. Right now I keep watching the re-runs on E-Channel just to see the style and work done by the 10 girls competing for the title of DVF Brand Ambassador. I also really enjoy watching Diane, who at the age of 68 still looks amazing. Not amazing for her age, just simply amazing. It’s just comforting to see that style and looks has nothing to do with age!


From Edie Sedgwick to Diane Von Furstenberg, here are Andy Warhol's 17 most iconic muses.


Beautiful Brittany Hampton, winner of season 1 – House of DVF

Click here to get the full bios on all of the contestants of #HouseOfDVF!  Brittany Hampton



Cara – Colour me good

Cara is everywhere you look, have you noticed how every single designer have included her in their ads, and how she seem to be cloned cause her face is not only on the cover of every magazine, it’s popping up on every other page too. She has beautiful features but her style is not really the type that attracts me, but I can see why she’s so successful.

If you’re a fan of hers or not, doesn’t really matter, this cool artsy creative grown-up colouring book looks like so much fun. I always envy Aiden when he gets excited over his cartoon colouring books so maybe this is my chance.

There is also another one or two books to choose from, all at