Christmas planning

Living on a mediterranean island has its many advantages but it also makes you lose track of time sometimes, yesterday we started talking about christmas and what we’re going to cook, what presents to buy etc and sure, it may only be october but time flies and the tricky part about living in a warm country is this;


I was sitting outside our door soaking up the sun and feeling too hot to stay out for long. Does it make you think about christmas? Not much.

I think this is a matter of ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ – those who live in a city where the only way to stay upbeat in the chill air is to light up cosy scented candles and drink tea wishing they could sit somewhere in the sun, while me on the other hand, right there in the sunshine wish there was a little more ‘feeling of fall’ somewhere around the corner, you know – to get you in the holiday spirit.

With this said I still prefer the mild weather a sunny island brings :) For christmas I’ll do what I usually do; pretend it’s snowing by watching old movies from snowy countries…

Btw, am I alone planning christmas already?


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