Christmas wish list part 1

What do I wish for this year?

So many things, but often I see things in shops or online, or even someone wearing something like a clutch or statement necklace, but how do you explain to your loved ones when they ask? ‘Ehm yeah, that thing I saw the other day, on someone who was next to me in the coffee shop…’

I know, Aidens list is far ahead of mine and we said we won’t buy gifts between us grown-ups, but every year I still wish for things. Little bit of a greedy person yes I’m sorry.




I’d like some icons in the form of paintings, statues, jewellry, anything. Vintage style. Also, scented candles are always welcome and so are artsy notebooks and perfumes. The CH above smellsĀ delish! Maybe some nice warm slippers would be good too!


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