Cleansers for sensitive skin

These are the face cleansers I’ve used lately and although Neutrogena is a real budget brand it still gave the best results. Skin feels very clear and squiky clean.

The Clinique soap bar is very good if you suffer from light eczema and dry skin (choose from 3 different skin types) it feels as if your skin will turn very dry while you wash as it cleans really well, but straight after the skin is actually soft again. The minus for this one is the soap bar itself. It feels a bit like camping when you use a simple bar and it’s incredibly long lasting – I got bored. Value for money? Yes!

Vichy 3-in-1 cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Feels like milk running down your face. Not a nice feeling. It smells very nice though and cleans quite well but I prefer something which doesn’t make you think there is a layer of dairy all over your face and neck. It’s good but not one I will buy again.





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