Coffee & magazine for a stress free morning

Does every morning have to be stressful? I take my time with coffee, a magazine or book and feel quite relaxed. What makes some people’s mornings so negatively stressful? 

I have to prepare Aidens school bag and lunch and take him to school every day, afterwards I go to the gym so I need to prepare for that too, but still there’s time.

I’m thinking a negative morning would more easily result in a negative day? Is there a way to change it?

If I felt stressed as soon as I wake up I would do all I can to change it. Make new plans. Maybe prepare clothes, bags, papers, food containers etc the evening before, wash the hair in the evening or take out all the things you need.

Children are probably the biggest issue for some families, which is understandable but should still be ok to deal with if they sleep early and maybe have something good to look forward to for breakfast?

Mind you, I have my moments too :) Running like a crazy person with half the make-up on, grabbing clothes from the dryer and a cup of coffee somewhere, not sure exactly where or why I left it at a random place. Looking through the 5th handbag for the right lip gloss maybe? Things scattered…hmm. But those are rare cases and hopefully remain that way.

What’s the ideal week day morning?



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