One thing I would love to be better at is complimenting people. Why is it so difficult to just walk up to someone, could be a complete stranger in a shop, someone at work or even a friend or family member; I think about something which really attracts me, maybe a new top or the way the person has done their hair or something but I don’t always get myself to say it out loud and afterwards I regret not saying it. Is it just me?

I’m pretty sure I say things quite often though, it’s not that I never do, but I would love to let go of shyness when it comes to strangers.

Imagine you’re walking about and someone random stops you to compliment your shoes or looks – wouldn’t it be nice if people did it more often?

When me and J spent a few days in New York people were so much better at throwing nice comments around, one guy even stopped me to take a picture of my bag (or maybe I was wearing a see-through top hehe) than they are in european countries.

Obviously the compliment should be genuine, something you react to and just say because you feel it in that very moment, not something which might get the other person to think you are after something :)

Also, while on the subject, people should work on the way they accept a compliment. If you give one and the person responds negatively, maybe by being embarrassed and blushing or giving a compliment in return, being sarcastic or insisting that the complimenter doesn’t mean what they say, the compliments will eventually stop because no one wants to feel they did something wrong by noticing someone’s beauty or accomplishent.

Instead there are ways to respond to a compliment which makes you sound quite confident without sounding like you get them all the time;  Thanks, I appreciate that, Thank you; that’s a really lovely thing to say, Thanks – that makes me feel really good or Thanks, you’re a kind person…. Something like that and the law of attraction should be working in your favor.

Ok this became a bit too long, I don’t even read long posts myself but anyway – if you’re still with me – have a nice day and maybe tell someone something nice today :)



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