Crazy Stupid Love

Yesterday we managed to see another great movie. Two in a row! That’s actually unusual for us. Crazy Stupid Love gave us the same kind of feel good feeling as Love and other disasters since they had also managed to cast the right actors and given the script  a lot more thought than so many other crap movies out there. The only thing that annoyed me was the less charming and very pale Emma Stone.  If someone like pretty and petit Brittany Murphy was still around she’d have been perfect and would have made Ryan Gosling look even better. Still…the story was believable enough to get caught up in the whole thing and we enjoyed it.

Before going to the cinema we had some drinks and food at Hugos Tapas and it was really nice, the atmosphere, music and especially talking to my babe J. We got caught up in discussions and almost said forget about the cinema but luckely we had already bought the tickets so we went. Glad we did.

Ryan Gosling in my all time favourite movie The Notebook. I L O V E it.


Via pretty kiss in the notebook


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