Curious about Jack?

Jack is 35 years old but has never been in a serious relationship…

He’s been busy building his career. He’s met plenty of girls, but just not the right one.

On a well-needed trip away from his beloved New York he falls in love. With not one but TWO girls. Soon they all come together for the most awkward dinner of their lives. And it’s only the start of complications…

Find out how Jack gets his life-changing wake-up call in this fast-paced, heartfelt and entertaining novel about soul-searching, friendship, and love.”

Gritty, realisitic and a damn good read
S. J. Dagg (France

This is a fast, exciting read. Jack Reynolds, a self-absorbed high-flying, high-stress executive and serial womaniser, is all about image. He has designer-label this, top-of-the-range that, and thinks he’s living the ultimate enviable lifestyle.
However, it’s not sustainable. Jack’s shallow world comes crashing down around him when he gets the first of his wake-up calls. Calls plural? The title refers to just one, but in my opinion Jack gets several which accumulate to finally make him turn his life around. You can make your own mind up when you read this story.
What is this book? It’s not quite romantic comedy, although it has both those elements in it. It’s certainly contemporary, and there’s a strong picaresque element to it in that it’s the story of a lovable rogue going on a journey of self-discovery. But you don’t need to pigeon-hole it. It’s a unique book, it’s gritty, it’s realistic, it’s a damn good read.
The characters are interesting and complex, the various settings are well portrayed, and the plot is exciting and original. On the technical side, there are a few minor typos, but I’m an editor so I tend to notice that stuff! On the whole this book is extremely well-written and constructed. And it’s precisely why this era of self-published books is so great – books like this get to find an audience.
Looking forward to your next book, Jonas. – Download a sample



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