Dermalogica at LaLisa

Like I mentioned earlier, on my birthday I had a treatment booked because, well it was my birthday and also because of the simple fact that my face was in dire need of a deep cleansing facial after a very sunny and hectic summer. The small beauty salon where I normally go is called LaLisa and is very close to where I live (in Sliema), this time I did a hydrating and deep cleansing facial using only Dermalogica products, which takes about 1½ hrs.

This treatment also includes a face and neck massage which works wonders! It gets the blood flow going and relaxes all the muscles that tend to create fine lines from being too tensed.

Dermalogica products agrees with my skin so this is an ideal treatment for me and can be done every 3 months or as often as needed. My skin feels fresh, clean, hydrated and my products at home works better since the skin has been deep cleaned! Worth it!






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