Detox week part 2

I wish I could say my detox week went well according to plans but I failed miserably for two days, and today – today – I will start all over again. Yesterday I did not like myself, I had no motivation or inspiration and it’s such a bad feeling. But I still pushed myself and did things I was really not up for. Sent emails that required some confidence, went for a long powerwalk and cooked a healthy meal in the evening. It was one of those days, you know, when all you want to do is stay in bed and watch Sex and The City.  This morning I read loads of inspiring quotes, positive notes and  right now I’m pretty sure my mind is on the right track again. It has nothing to do with what or who is around you, although it tend to make things harder when you are around negativity, it’s all about your own mind!!

It’s healthy food, positive thoughts, exercise and spa 100% today.

What’s your way out of negative moments, into positive ones?




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