Detox week

Goodmorning :) I just got back from a long powerwalk by the sea, finally this week is here and I can enjoy some detox and exercise. It doesn’t really take more than a few days of neglecting myself health-wise to scream for a well needed change. I love a glass of wine and good food, relaxing and so on, but when I start feeling a bit low I know I need to get back in routine.

So – I prepared caffeine free chai tea, a strawberry/honey/pear/lime smoothie and apple cider vinegar water for breakfast.

I did have a coffee before the powerwalk though, hello..I had to wake up right? ­čśë

I can really recommend the Biona apple cider vinegar (they are in my good books again after the┬ácoconut water┬ádisaster). I know a lot of people can’t even take it coz it tastes bad but I’ve gotten used to it. I take a 500ml bottle of water every morning with a table spoon of the vinegar and it helps speed up┬ámetabolism and clears up whatever you eat :) It’s an old trick to lose weight. I’ve also tried the apple cider vinegar tablets, but I think this works better.

So, have a nice day and week everyone, if you have any good health tips let me know! xox





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