Finding balance part 2

Today is Thursday and I feel  a bit more normal…day by day. This murder really shocked me badly. Last night I had horrible nightmares and woke up worried. But on Saturday morning there will be the funeral and after I will do my best to count my own blessings and move on.  Everyone will react in their own way when these things happen (not like this happens alot) and there are no right or wrong ways how to deal with it. It doesn’t matter if you are closest family or an acquaintance like me, it all depends on your character and strength within how well or bad you handle things when they happen close to you.

Me, being so happy about not having my next session booked with my therapist because I was doing so well, kind of fell right back in the anxiety hole. I’m very sensitive and something like this is difficult for me to shake off and think normal healthy thoughts. Trying though.

Yesterday we were walking towards the shops to check out the sales and happend to pass by St Gregory church near our house exactly when the funeral of ‘the other guy’ was about to start. Creeped me out big time.

So, this was a bit calming at least, to write about it. Im off to the gym now, maybe that’ll energize me :) 



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