Finding balance

We had a nice New Years Eve, quiet dinner and a visit at the weird pub nearby but woke up to horrible news yesterday morning.  A guy I know through loads of common friends was stabbed to death at his apartment and the other guy involved also ended up dead. He lived one street away from us….

I also know Duncans wife a bit, again through common friends and work and it’s impossible to understand what she must be going through at this moment since she ended up alone with baby twins :(

I’m trying so hard to think about something positive, something that will keep my mind away from this but it’s so hard. I came from the supermarket just now and had to pass by their house, pass by his wife’s family hotel, shop at the supermarket where I met him some weeks ago….it’s just too weird!

You can read more about it here

RIP Duncan and strength to the rest of the family!!


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