First Impression?

I have this constant urge of always wanting to present myself in a way that goes well with who I am, with my true personality – I have a fear of people seeing me in a way or manner which doesn’t match what I feel or believe. Sounds complicated doesn’t it. I get very uncomfortable in situations where I cannot be myself or speak my mind or where I’m not expressing my style. It doesn’t mean I have any kind of extreme style whatsoever, it’s just small things; for example I never go out without nailpolish, I hate when it gets chipped and for someone to see it that way. It makes me think I’m being seen as a sloppy person, which I’m not and there is the fear of not having time to explain. To that extreme yes.

It doesn’t mean I always present myself in a perfect manner, I can just as much do or say something negative, it’s not something I cover up – main focus is that I’m being seen as I feel, which at times can be walking out in tracksuits or approach someone in a less friendly way.

First impression? Is it important only in situations where you apply for jobs or  meet someone for the first time?

I think the first impression should be considered every day. Every day you step inside the office, every day you enter the gym or meet a friend for lunch – there’s always a moment of first seconds, first thoughts.

To me first impression is important, I like people who express themselves and knows who they are and that way makes a stronger and better first and usually lasting impression. Be it good or bad. Someone who wants to blend in or adapt to any situation is to me someone less interesting.

Just some thoughts. It soothing to let them out in written words :)


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