Gluten allergy

People should stop feeling sorry for us gluten allergics; it’s actually a good thing.

What I mean is that most people should feel so much better if they followed a gluten free diet, it does  not only affect your body in a positive way but also your mind. Did you know that it affects your mood eating gluten?

I will nag and nag about this subject so beware.  This blog is about feeling good. It sounds very very simple and obviously it can be, but for some weird reason many people choose not to see how easily you can change your everyday life to the better. More about that later too.

Back to gluten. If you, like me, strive to look good and respect your body,  all those sweets and cookies and fast food should not be eaten on a daily basis. Surely once in a while coz life has a lot of those goodies to offer but to keep it healthy you have the perfect excuse to say ‘No thank you I’m gluten allergic’ when you go to a dinner and people (read grandma) can’t stop pushing you to eat a 3rd piece of cake.  Because clearly, saying that you are on a diet doesn’t count, you need to be allergic for people to respect your decision of keeping it low.

Delicious. Yep.

{film.254} / Rachel Saldana


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