Gluten free Snickers Cake

Morning, how are you guys? I woke up with a slight headache after another dinner with the family. We took them to U Bistro since J’s uncle had never been and we love that place. Never let’s us down :)

The waitress who we more or less got to know by now from our constant visits there saw me checking out the desserts and I think I was drooling coz she looked concerned about me hehe. Anyway I told her about my coeliac problems and lactose intolerance etc and she told me that the supermarket nearby has the gluten free Snickers cake which is actually by a swedish brand, Almondy. I’ve seen those cakes a million times but never thought they would be gluten free!  They do contain a bit of milk though since it’s covered with milk chocolate but a sliver might be ok once in a while. The actual snickers bar is full of both gluten and lactose so that’s why I never bothered checking the Almondy box.

Perfect option for the coeliacs





  1. hi lenah, I love reading your blog and I found it very inspiring!
    I just wanted to make a note regarding the actual snickers bar.
    Snickers is Gluten free but it contains lactose so altough its not good for you as you are lactose intolerant other coeliacs can still enjoy a bar every now and then.

    Keep it up !! :)

    • Hi Naomi :) You are lucky!! I’m just allowed to smell the snickers bar hehe…

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