golden goldie

The search is still very much on but I have hopes for a positive change soon, which means we have to plan ahead because a dog is not just something you ‘get’ and leave things the way they are, you have to be ready for some changes and give up on a few things, but on the other hand you gain a whole lot more in return! I can’t wait, I’m looking at old pics of our ‘Mozi’ and it’s been nearly 10 years since she passed, and no other goldie can replace her of course, but enough time have passed for me to feel ready for a little puppy again. I love them so much I start making silly noises when I look at pics and see them out walking, I’ll probably be known as ‘crazy dog lady’ again…but anyway.

This breed is so special, another breed is not even an option, just look at those eyes!



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