good service?

Last week I bought a bag at Suite Blanco, a black with bronzy studs, I used it a couple of times during the week and yesterday the zip broke – and not in a way that I could fix it myself. Thats not even the point, even if this particular shop may not be more than a budget friendly H&M style shop, a bag is not supposed to break after a few days use. I dont really care if I spend 10 or 100 euro, it should last, full stop. So anyway, I went back yesterday (in crappy weather) to let them know, and hoping they would replace it with a new one. That to me is basic common sense customer service. To them it was not!

The sales girl told me she has no authority to replace it or do much at all, so I would need to come back tomorrow (today) and speak to the manager, which I did. Again in crappy weather, so I have already had a very inconvenient experience. The manager was at the bank when I came so I had to wait for 20 mins. Which i did. She then hassled me with details and said she would send it somewhere to see if the zip could be fixed, but this might take over a week. I got really annoyed because so far none of them had said sorry or done anything to make me think I would be compensated in any way, so my usual hot temper got in the way of me acting like a polite person and I told her what crappy service it was etc etc

I walked out with a credit note of the amount I had spent – because when she finally gave up and went to get the last of this particular bag, it turned out it was broken at the same place. Hmm.

Am I being an annoying customer or shouldnt faulty stuff be replaced in a second when only a few days have passed and its clearly not because of me being careless.





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