Happy Christmas dear readers and friends

Tomorrow 24th is the day we celebrate the Swedish ‘Julafton’ Christmas Eve. It’s when the food, drinks and presents are way over the top and on the 25th when Jesus is meant to be celebrated we stay low and kind of re live the day before in a more moderate way…chilling and eating left overs.

Now, Malta style is a bit different as we’re proper catholics and mass is of course celebrated early 25th. For us it’s a massive mix of all as we’re maltese/swedish….don’t even feel like explaining who’s who. Maltese, Swedish, the kids are 50/50…etc

We’ll be at Stefan & Shakyras place and it means a lot to me since for the very first time I get to relax :)

Anyway I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas no matter how or where you celebrate! Just remember why you do it!!!



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