Happy Weekend

I love summer, I really do, but it’s just….it’s a lot right now. A lot of summer – heat, humidity and everything is on shut down. Nothing gets done and no one replies to emails etc. I’m bored of summer (?!! eeh)

If a couple of months could just pass, a little quicker, a little faster – fast forward to welcoming our Massimo, to a cool fresh breeze and being able to settle in to our new home. Patience was never my strong side but sometimes you have no choice. So I try to pass time by studying for a driving licence, as no, I don’t have one yet. It’s such a snooze fest! But I’m determined this time, so I’ll leave the blog for now and return to this boiling hot coffee shop, my hair sticking to the back of my neck and my Kinnie just finished….

Golden Bay a couple of weeks ago xox

photo 3


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